May 2023

Discussions – The new Discussions creation experience now defaults to On (Opt-in) | Updated To encourage user adoption of the new Discussions creation experience, which was introduced in the April release, the default state for the experience is now On (Opt-in) with the option to opt out. To learn more about […]

Final Grade Submission

Loading Grades into Mosaic – Directly from Avenue Here are some considerations if you choose to load your grades from Avenue directly into Mosaic. There is a fairly comprehensive video at: Submitting Final Grades to Mosaic from Avenue to Learn Other considerations/factors: 1. Please ensure your course is active. If […]

December 2022

December 2022 Assignments – Consolidate availability dates This feature updates the assignment availability dates to be consistent with the new availability date model, which was previously added to Discussions. Instructors can now include availability dates in the Calendar and have greater control over the behavior of availability dates for their […]

How do I import a zip package?

Importing a Zip Package This FAQ is part of a larger article detailing how to Import/Export/Copy Components. 1. Enter the course you wish to import your zip file. Click on Course Admin in the top right hand corner. 2. Click on the Import/Export/Copy Components button in the Site Resources section: […]

How do I import Grades using a CSV?

How do I import Grades using a CSV? 1. Export the grades sheet from Avenue to Learn. By exporting the grade sheet, it will give you the correct column titles for importing. 2. Go to the grades tool, click Enter Grades, then click the Export button. All you require is […]

How do I request a continuing/non-registrar course shell?

At McMaster, we offer two types of course request. Typically if teaching an undergraduate or graduate course that is found in Mosaic, you would request a registrar course shell. However, we also offer the option of requesting sandbox/communication shells. This specific request form can be found at the Educational Technologies […]

Annotations Tool

Avenue allows you to annotate document submissions inside of your course without having to download anything. Below is an overview of the Annotation tool and its features. Note: The annotations tool must be turned on before submissions are received. Once submissions have been received, there is no way to retroactively […]


Accommodations This feature enables instructors to grant learners accommodations through the Classlist tool. Accommodation options currently available include: additional time to complete quizzes at the course level To set accommodations at the course level follow these steps: 1. Go to classlist under Communication in the Navbar 2. Find the student […]

How can I manually enrol multiple students into my course?

Students are usually automatically enrolled into courses based on registration information from Mosaic. During the University’s Drop/Add period, changes in registration are processed once daily (though they can take up to five business days to be reflected on Avenue). In some cases, students may not be enrolled into a course […]