How do I import a zip package?

Importing a Zip Package This FAQ is part of a larger article detailing how to Import/Export/Copy Components. 1. Enter the course you wish to import your zip file. Click on Course Admin in the top right hand corner. 2. Click on the Import/Export/Copy Components button in the Site Resources section: […]

How do I import Grades using a CSV?

How do I import Grades using a CSV? 1. Export the grades sheet from Avenue to Learn. By exporting the grade sheet, it will give you the correct column titles for importing. 2. Go to the grades tool, click Enter Grades, then click the Export button. All you require is […]

How do I request a continuing/non-registrar course shell?

At McMaster, we offer two types of course request. Typically if teaching an undergraduate or graduate course that is found in Mosaic, you would request a registrar course shell. However, we also offer the option of requesting sandbox/communication shells. This specific request form can be found at the Educational Technologies […]