How do I import a zip package?

Importing a Zip Package

This FAQ is part of a larger article detailing how to Import/Export/Copy Components.

1. Enter the course you wish to import your zip file. Click on Course Admin in the top right hand corner.

2. Click on the Import/Export/Copy Components button in the Site Resources section:

Selecting Import/Export/Copy Components
Selecting Import/Export/Copy Components

3. You’ll then be given an option to import from a Learning Object Repository or a course package. If you need to upload a .zip file, select “from a course package”.

Select “from a course package” to upload a zip file.








4. Select the file you wish to import.

5. Choose whether to Import All Components or Select Components and then follow the prompts.

Note: If you import course components with names that already exist in the course, or you import multiple components with the same name, duplicate names appear; they are not overwritten. For example, if your course contains a discussion topic called “Exam Review” and you import a course package that contains a discussion topic called “Exam Review,” your course will contain two topics called “Exam Review”. When importing a grade scheme, a scheme not associated to a grade item within the course offering is only copied if the grade scheme is unique (i.e. there are no duplicates which match on name and ranges).

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