New! Alternative Avenue to Learn Homepage

New! Alternative Avenue to Learn Homepage

The new Avenue to Learn homepage includes several new widgets designed to simplify and speed access to content/information, improve usability, reduce confusion and provide an option for a consistent structure across courses and faculties. We recognize this template may not fit all types of courses. Instructors may choose to use the new homepage as designed, incorporate individual widgets from this homepage or choose a different approach entirely.


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Activate the new Avenue to Learn Homepage in your course.


Course Banner

The course banner visually welcomes you to the course and identifies the Faculty and course code (automatically). The background image will be pre-populated with a relevant image for the faculty – likely the building.

The ellipses indicates that the banner can be customized. Instructors will have the option to add their own image if desired.

Learn how to change the banner image for your course.



The Communication widget includes three tabs that provide a central location for all course communication. It is comprised of three tabs: Welcome, Announcements and Discussions.

The Welcome tab provides an introduction to the course and acts as a way-finding tool for quick access to important parts of the course that are critical for success. Over time, this widget can be repopulated with instructor generated content.

The Announcements tab will automatically show the most recent announcements and allow you to quickly explore and connect with the information.

The Discussions tab will automatically show the latest discussions and provide connections to participate.

Explore the Communications Widget


Instructor Profile Widget

The Instructor Profile widget provides an ideal place for instructors to introduce themselves to students in the course. Instructors can update the widget to include their name, photo/icon, an about me blurb and connections to social feeds. The widget provides a consistent, permanent location to access this information in your course.

Explore the Instructor Profile Widget


My Settings Widget

The My Setting Widget allows you to modify your account settings, Notifications, View Progress and access your Locker within Avenue to Learn. You can update preferences, update your profile and a number of other tasks that can customize your experience.

Explore the My Settings Widget



This widget contains three tabs that provide quick access to Assignments, Quizzes and Grades.

The Assignments tab will showcase the latest three assignments and provide a quick connection to access the full content.

The Quizzes and Grades tab will function in a similar way and provide connections to the latest three items.

Explore the Assessments Widget


Calendar Widget

The calendar widget is a great way to stay connected and up to date with everything that is happening in your courses. The calendar widget exists on the landing page of Avenue to Learn and is also included in the new Alternative Homepage.

Explore the Calendar Widget

Content Navigator

This widget provides quick access to the course content. It is designed with a linear course design in mind (week to week). This widget allows you to traverse course content quickly and efficiently. The widget tracks and displays navigational history and context, allows one-click navigation to last-visited module topic and allows the use of icons to visually indicate content type. This widget shows progress and completion at a glance across multiple modules and sub-modules.

Explore the Content Navigator Widget


Course Syllabus

This widget will provide a direct link to the completed course syllabus. The instructor will need to complete and/or upload the completed syllabus. The visibility of the syllabus is intended to simplify finding this information and reduce inquiries.

Explore the Course Syllabus WIdget


Getting Help

Using the widgets? Share your feedback and let us know what is working or suggestions for improvements.

Need help? The New Widgets landing page provides information about and how to use the new widgets. If you still need help, Request support.


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