Instructor Profile Widget

Instructor Profile Widget The Instructor Profile Widget provides an ideal place for instructors to introduce themselves to students in the course. Instructors can update the widget to include their name, photo/icon, an about me blurb and connections to social feeds. The widget provides a consistent, permanent location to access this […]

My Settings Widget

The My Setting Widget allows you to modify your account settings, Notifications, View Progress and access your Locker within Avenue to Learn. You can update preferences, update your profile and a number of other tasks that can customize your experience. Watch the Video Getting Help Using the widgets? Share your […]

Calendar Widget

The calendar widget is a great way to stay connected and up to date with everything that is happening in your courses. The calendar widget exists on the landing page of Avenue to Learn and is also included in the new Alternative Homepage. Watch the Video:     Enjoy! Learn […]

Welcome Tab Content

Welcome Tab Content If you are reading this page than you likely created the Welcome Tab Content file. Congrats! You can use this for anything you like. When starting a course we recommend using this space to introduce yourself, include contact information and provide an introduction to the course by […]

Syllabus Widget

Syllabus Widget The new Syllabus Widget provides an anchor location across courses that utilize the Alternative Course Homepage. The new Syllabus Widget connects users to the Overview Section within the Avenue to Learn course shell. You can populate the Overview Section to include all of the information in the Course Syllabus. […]

New Widgets

New Widgets In response to the Fall Experience Survey we are pleased to share three new widgets that have been designed to simplify and speed access to content/information, improve usability and reduce confusion. The three new widgets are available in the custom widgets section when adding widgets to your homepage. […]

Course Banner

Course Banner The new Avenue Homepage template includes a banner to quickly and visually identify the faculty and the course. By default, each faculty will have their own banner. The Banner title is populated automatically based on the course listing. Watch the Video: If you wish, you can customize the […]

Welcome Tab

Welcome Tab The Welcome Tab is a new addition that provides a dedicated space in the Communications Widget to share important information about the course. The Welcome Tab will automatically display a welcome message with the student name and the course title (E.g. Hi, First Name, Last Name. Welcome to […]

Assessments Widget

Assessments Widget The Assessments Widget was created to compile the key assessment types into one place that can easily be displayed and connect with the corresponding sections. The widget provides an at-a-glance view of Assignments, Quizzes and Grades. Students can quickly view and access this content by clicking on each […]

Content Navigator

Content Navigator The Content Navigator is a new widget that streamlines access to content items in the course homepage. This widget automatically displays all content created in the Content section of the course. Traverse course content quickly and efficiently Tracks and displays navigational history and context Allows one-click navigation to […]