How do I regrade a question in a quiz?

Regrading a Quiz

If you have manually created quiz questions and used them in a quiz, you might find that upon review, those questions were not worded fairly, or contain errors. To fix this, you’ll have to fix the question as well as re-mark grades.

1. Go into Assessments > Quizzes
Selecting Quizzes
Selecting Quizzes
2. From the drop down menu for the individual quiz (located at the end of the quiz title) select Grade
Selecting Grade
Selecting Grade
3. Select the Questions tab
4. Select the button labelled “Update All Attempts” then click on the question you wish to grant points to – for random questions, it’s best to start at R1 and move through until you get the correct question. It should display all of the options in the random section.
Update all attempts button
Update all attempts button
5. When you’ve located the correct question to adjust, the default should be “Give to all attempts __ points” you could fill in 1 there to give every person who took the quiz 1 point. Alternately, you can give people who answered the correct answer 1 point by selecting those options underneath.
6. Scroll down to the bottom and click Save

Make sure you edit the question in the question library so if you offer this quiz again, you don’t have to fix it again.

Important:  please ensure that the updated scores are reflected in the corresponding grade item, in the grades tool. If it hasn’t updated, refer to to manually transfer quiz scores.


Vendor documentation:

If you need to regrade individual attempts manually, Go to grade the quiz, click the questions tab, select ‘Grade individual responses’, click the question you want to grade exclusively, show 20 per page, and manually grade each question that has been incorrectly graded:

grade individual responses tab


grade individual question

Quizzes FAQ: Hot tips and workarounds (From D2L)

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