November 2022

Group/Section Management – Improved clarity when performing deletions of associated activities | Updated This feature implements a change to the message users receive in the Delete Category dialog when deleting associated activities (i.e., Assignments and Discussions). The dialog now includes a count of how many assignments or discussions the user is deleting. […]

Importing Grades Using a Spreadsheet

Exporting or Importing Grades, Using a Spreadsheet If you prefer to import your grades to the Grades tool in Avenue to Learn, we recommend creating a template by exporting a .csv file from the Grades tool. 1. If you haven’t done so already, create the grade item(s) in Grades (if […]

How do I regrade a question in a quiz?

Regrading a Quiz If you have manually created quiz questions and used them in a quiz, you might find that upon review, those questions were not worded fairly, or contain errors. To fix this, you’ll have to fix the question as well as re-mark grades. 1. Go into Assessments > […]