November 2023

Announcements – Copy announcements to other courses | New This feature adds the ability to copy announcements to other courses when the new permission Announcements > Copy to Other Courses is enabled for the user role. Users must be enrolled in both the source and destination courses with a role that has the new […]

October 2023

Announcements from D2L With this release, users accessing the Chat tool now see a banner indicating the tool will no longer be available as of January 2024. For more information about this update, refer to Intent to End Of Life Notice for: Chat. Brightspace Pulse app is updated to provide a […]

Where did the ‘grace period’ feature go, in quizzes?

FYI for those wondering where the ‘Grace Period’ feature went in quizzes: As of the September 2023 update, there is no longer a grace period associated with the quiz tool. More on this: The grace period was there more for when students needed to save their questions.  Now that […]

September 2023

Quizzes – Quiz Timing Improvements featuring Synchronous Quiz | Updated This release updates the Quiz Creation experience for instructors and learners by adding a new synchronous quiz option. With this release, instructors can facilitate quizzes where learners take their attempts simultaneously, which is convenient for in-class sessions. The new addition […]

August 2023

Announcements – Pin announcements to top of Announcement widget and tool pages| New With this release, instructors and administrators can now pin announcements and global announcements to the top of the Announcement Widget and Tool pages, allowing important information to remain visible to learners. Announcements so pinned are indicated to […]

July 2023

Announcements Brightspace Editor includes a new limitation of 2 million characters including hidden formatting for all Content files. This limitation applies to any content experience or when using Manage Files. The new character limit does not apply to uploaded files. However, restrictions apply if the user edits the uploaded content. Previously, the unlimited […]

June 2023

Chat – Tool Retirement In an effort to simplify our platform, the Chat tool will be permanently retired on December 31, 2023. Clients using Chat will need to move to an alternative tool, such as Instant Message or the Microsoft Teams Course Connector, before the end-of-life date. For more information, […]

April 2023

Discussions – Introducing the new creation and editing experience | Updated The new discussion creation experience brings create and edit consistency changes from Assignments and Quizzes to Discussions, making it familiar and easy to learn. This first release is at full parity with classic discussions and brings refreshed workflows and […]

March 2023

Calendar – Prevent duplicate calendar events on copy/import to reduce performance issues | Updated With this release, calendar events are checked to see if they are duplicates when performing a course copy or import. When either action is performed, Avenue to Learn only copies the following: Calendar events that have […]