Where did the ‘grace period’ feature go, in quizzes?

FYI for those wondering where the ‘Grace Period’ feature went in quizzes:

As of the September 2023 update, there is no longer a grace period associated with the quiz tool.

More on this:


The grace period was there more for when students needed to save their questions.  Now that the questions are automatically saved (as of 2018), it’s not needed.

You can add extra time to the quiz if you like – this would accomplish a grace period if you really needed one.

There are timer warnings now though at the following stages, which improves upon not having to do a grace period calculation:

  • 1 minute remaining on the quiz
  • 5 minutes remaining (only available on quizzes with 10 minutes or longer quiz time limit)
  • Half of the elapsed time (only available on quizzes with 20 minutes or longer quiz time limit)

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