Avenue Quizzes Workshop

Welcome to the Avenue to Learn Quizzes workshop. This is a blended workshop – meaning that before you attend the in-person session, you will have viewed the resources on this page, tried some of these tasks in a course shell and then attended our face-to-face working session where you will put what you’ve learned into practice. We strongly encourage you to bring materials that you might use for your course to the session, that way you will be able to use that time for developing your actual course. If you do not have all your materials prepared, that’s fine, bring what you can to the session. The outcomes for this course are:

  • You will be able to configure a Quiz, and develop a series of questions manually.
  • You will be able to import a series of quiz questions into the Question Library.
  • You will differentiate between the Quiz and Question Library.

There are two parts of a Quiz delivered through Avenue to Learn, the Quiz and the Question Library. Think of the Quiz as the collection of questions a student answers and gets assessed, whereas the Question Library is every single question you could possibly ask.

  • We recommend that you create your questions first in the Question Library and then import them into your Quiz. This way, if you alter or delete the quiz, you will still have your questions saved in your Question Library. Additionally, questions that live in the Question Library can be used in randomized sections as well as used in multiple quizzes.

For information about the quality of multiple choice questions: Examination of the Quality of Multiple-Choice Items on Classroom Tests (DiBattista & Kurzawa, 2011)

Question Library

And how to create questions in the question library:


Creating a Quiz

Creating your quiz and importing your previously created questions from the question library: https://community.d2l.com/brightspace/kb/articles/3413-create-and-configure-a-quiz

Creating a Random Section in a Quiz:


Managing and Grading a Quiz

Associating a Quiz with a Grade Item (assuming you have already set up your grade book):

If you haven’t set the option to ‘Allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion’ and ‘Auto Export to Grades’, and need to manually grade a quiz:

Editing a Quiz Question While a Quiz is Active

Importing a Question Bank from a Publisher

Many textbook publishers, like Pearson or McGraw Hill, will be able to provide a question bank for a textbook that you’ve adopted. If you can get your publisher representative to provide that to you, great! Each publisher has a different process and policy for use of question banks. Many will try to steer you to their proprietary sites (such as Pearson’s MyLabs or McGraw Hill’s Connect) to do your quizzing in those platforms. While those platforms may be useful, they often do not provide any different experience for the student. It’s good advice to not force students to jump through unnecessary hoops to do quizzes or other assessments. Anecdotally, faculty have had success with using the built-in Avenue to Learn quizzing tool as well as the third-party tool.

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