Question Library

Introduction There are two parts of a Quiz delivered through Avenue to Learn, the Quiz and the Question Library. Think of the Quiz as the collection of questions a student answers and gets assessed, whereas the Question Library is every single question you could possibly ask. While the quiz is […]

Avenue Assignments Workshop

Welcome to the Avenue to Learn Assignments workshop. We strongly encourage you to bring materials that you might use for your course to the session, that way you will be able to use that time for developing your actual course. If you do not have all your materials prepared, that’s […]


Online discussions are a flexible instructional tool that can help you build a community in fully online courses, can provide peer support and peer marking, or simply can provide a place where students can discuss issues related to the class. As always, when you have a tool that can do […]


The Announcements tool is a system widget located on your course homepage. It is used as a method of communicating with your students to relay messages, important events, and other updates. Vendor Documentation How do I add an announcement? Creating an Announcement: Effective Pedagogical Practices This is the first […]

Import/Export/Copy Components

The Import/Export/Copy Components tool is used to either copy your course from one semester’s course shell to the next semester’s or utilized to export your course to a .zip file on your computer. You must be enrolled as having the Instructor role in both courses, if you are copying from […]

Role Switch: Student View for Instructors

‘View as’ functionality Using the ‘View as’ feature can change your role (virtually) from Instructor (or Course Developer) to another role, depending on your current role. How do I see things as a Student? Using Role Switch can change your role from Instructor (or Course Developer) to another role, depending […]

Avenue Mail

Avenue Specifics How does mail work in Avenue to Learn? Avenue Mail is now currently configured to accept incoming and outgoing mail within Avenue – so that means that if you send e-mail to and from your Avenue Mail address from Gmail, Hotmail or your McMaster e-mail, it will arrive. […]

Course Requests and MACIDs

Registrar approved course requests are filled out either by a designated departmental administrator or by the instructor of the course. The link to fill out your request can be found at the following URL: These requests are processed automatically if the correct instructor is associated with the course in […]


Classlist Overview Classlist is where you can see an overview of all the participants enrolled in your course and their respective roles, add/remove those participates or change their roles, communicate with participants, and view blogs/group enrolments for those participants (if applicable). The following vendor documentation provides additional information about Classlist […]

Avenue Quizzes Workshop

Welcome to the Avenue to Learn Quizzes workshop. This is a blended workshop – meaning that before you attend the in-person session, you will have viewed the resources on this page, tried some of these tasks in a course shell and then attended our face-to-face working session where you will […]