Why am I unable to see my course in Avenue to Learn?

If you are a learner and cannot see your course listed:

  • Make sure that your course offers an Avenue component.
  • If you know that a course will be offered in Avenue and you still can’t see the course your instructor may not have made it available to the class, yet. Consult with your instructor to ensure that they intend to offer the course on Avenue and when the course might be available.
  • If you are enrolled and still cannot see your course in your Course List, it could be that we have not yet received your enrollment information from the registrar’s office/Mosaic. At this point you have two options, you can wait until your course shows up in your list (this may take a few days or so from the time of registration into the course) or your can speak to your instructor and ask that they manually add you to their Avenue course using your MACID.
    • If you have just registered, please allow at least 72 hours for your course enrollment information to pass onto the Avenue database. If this time has passed and your course is still not showing up in your account, please consult with your instructor to have you manually added to the Classlist in Avenue. Typically enrollments are processed the night of their entry in Mosaic.
  • Check to ensure that your browser’s cache and cookies have been cleared.
  • To ensure that you appear in the Registrar’s files, your registration process must be properly completed.

If the problem still persists, create a ticket with our ticketing system

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