How do I submit a quiz for a student who didn’t submit?

You may want to submit a quiz for a student who did not confirm their submission, or experienced an interruption during the taking of a quiz. The quiz tool saves every few seconds, so there should be little loss. To find the attempt you’ll have to take the following steps:

1. from the menu at the end of the quiz title, select Grade

2. from next to the search box, click Show Advanced Options (if you don’t see this, they’re already open)

3. underneath, there’s a dropdown menu – select All attempts

4. go up to the top search box and search by the last name, and click the magnifying glass

5. if the attempt is “in progress” all that means is that it hasn’t been submitted, you should see an icon next to the attempt which allows you to submit on the student’s behalf

For more information on Quiz Submissions see How do I check to see if a student has completed, but not submitted a quiz? and How do I find quiz submissions and submit expired quizzes?

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