December 2023

December 2023 Announcements – Copy announcements to other courses in published state | Updated The ability to copy announcements to other courses was originally released for the Announcements tool in November. As of this release, users with proper role permissions can publish copied announcements in other courses using either the […]

October 2022

Brightspace Pulse – Access links and images in module descriptions when you’re on-the-go and Personalize push notifications To help improve the overall experience in Brightspace Pulse, users will be able to view module descriptions in a web view that displays images and preserves links. This presents a new user experience […]

September 2022

September 2022 Assignments – Save time by copying assignments to other courses Instructors who teach multiple courses can now copy assignments to other courses. To copy assignments, the user must be enrolled in both the source and destination course with a role having the permission Assignments > Copy to Other […]

August 2022

August 2022 Assignments – Access new shortcuts to undo and redo PDF annotations on evaluations Previously, the only way to remove PDF annotations in Assignments was to use the eraser tool or delete the selection. Now, an undo/redo button is added for PDF annotations when evaluating in Assignments. Alternatively, standard keyboard […]

July 2022

July 2022 Brightspace Platform Requirements – Receive browser update alerts The supported browser list is updated to reflect browsers that need to be updated. Users will receive the message “Your browser is looking a little retro” that prompts users to update their browser. Legacy Browsers are also updated. All users […]

June 2022

June 2022 Assignments – Save time by copying assignments to other courses you teach Instructors who teach several courses and have the new Assignments > Copy to Other Courses permissions are now able to copy assignments between their courses. The copied assignment includes the following key assignment properties: Assignment folder and properties, […]

May 2022

May 2022 Audio/Video – Manual transcoding option to optimize video files Depending on the file format of audio and video files, they might not play in a web browser by default. Previously, all uploaded audio and video files were transcoded; now, transcoding only occurs when necessary, All MP3 and MP4 […]

April 2022

April 2022 Content Editor – Advanced code editor visual update and accessibility improvements Minor visual updates made to the advanced code editor in Avenue to Learn increase the readability of tags and text in the advanced code editor and place the Save and Cancel buttons in consistent locations. Improved compatibility […]

March 2022

March 2022 Announcements — Create new announcements quickly with new Copy option This feature adds a new Copy option in the context menu of an announcement in both the Announcements tool and the Announcements widget. The Copy option is applicable to both course level and global announcements. This only appears […]

February 2022

February 2022 Content – Print and Download in fullscreen The Print and Download buttons are now available when viewing a topic in fullscreen. Previously, the options to print and download a topic only appeared on the main Content view, and when users opened a topic in fullscreen by clicking View […]