January 2021

January 2021 Assignments – The new assignment creation experience These updates are if you are using the new assignment creation experience only. To engage the new assignment creation experience, when you go to create a new assignment, note that there is a pull-down shade in the top right corner. Click […]

Peer Review

The Peer Review tool is a new, open source option for those who want to use Peer Review as a way to gather feedback on groups. While the tool can be used in other ways, the design of the tool is to facilitate this. We would like to thank the […]

December 2020

Learning Environment – Updated video and audio player in Content, Lessons, and New Learner Experience To improve accessibility and create a consistent user experience, a new audio and video media player has been added to Content, Lessons, and the New Learner Experience. The new media player offers the following features: Consistent […]

November 2020

November 2020 Assignments – Date picker change This feature updates the date picker component for the new assignment creation experience. The new date picker has a more streamlined design and requires a slight workflow change: to clear a date/time, the X alongside the time field has been replaced by a Clear option […]

Special Access

Special Access Special Access is a feature of Quizzes and Assignments that allows for student submissions or access to these tools occur at different times than the Start Date and End Date allow. This feature allows for a flexibility that also reduces the need for duplicate quizzes or assignment folders […]

How do I connect Turnitin PeerMark to my course?

How do I connect Turnitin PeerMark to my course? Turnitin PeerMark is a peer review tool with Turnitin originality checking built-in. 1. In Content select a module to place the link to Turnitin PeerMark. 2. From Add Existing Activities, select External Learning Tools. 3. From Add Existing Activities, select External […]

How do students view Quiz answers and feedback?

If you want students to access Avenue quiz answers and feedback, you will first want to modify the Submission View(s) associated with the quiz. You can find instructions for modifying Quiz settings, including Submission Views here: Once you have modified the default Submission View or added a custom Submission View, […]

October 2020

October 2020 Learning Environment – File types added to restricted upload list For security reasons, D2L restricts the uploading of certain file types to Brightspace Learning Environment. The list of restricted file types is not configurable by administrators. This feature adds the following file types to the restricted list: .cgi […]