How do I make a module in Content private to Instructors only?

if you create a new module within Content, and place the exam in that module, you can then set a release condition on the Module by clicking on the Add Dates and Restrictions option. Follow these steps to release a module to only Instructors in a course.

1. Select, or create a module.

release conditions
Setting Release Conditions

2. Then you will want to create a Release Condition by clicking the Create button

create button
Click the Create Button

3. Next, select the condition for the release. In this case you want to select: Role in current org unit

Select condition
Select Appropriate Condition

4. Then choose a release condition. In this case, select Enrolled as an Instructor. This will release this module to only a person enrolled as an Instructor in the course.

select role
Select Appropriate Role

5. Finish the release condition process by clicking Create.

6. Click Update to apply the release condition to the Module.

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