How do I add Flipgrid to my course?

Flipgrid is a video discussion platform where students can respond to topics with videos.

In Flipgrid under the Share button is the ability to embed, or capture a link either will work. If you embed, you’ll have to go to Content in Avenue then follow these steps:

1. Click Upload/Create

2. Select create a new file

3. Select the Insert stuff button (looks like a tv monitor with play button inside the monitor)

4. Scroll down the list until you see enter embed code and paste the embed code there. You’ll have to allow the object in some browsers.

5. Click Embed

6. Click Save

Now when students go to Content they have a pass-through to Flipgrid. Once they’ve signed in using their McMaster Microsoft account, they’ll be able to seamlessly navigate between Avenue and Flipgrid.

Linking to Flipgrid is simpler, once you’ve copied the Flipgrid link, and are in Content in Avenue follow these steps to add a topic to Content:

1. Click Upload/Create

2. Select Create a link

3. Paste the link

4. Click Save


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