How do I activate my course?

When you request a course shell for your course, you can develop in it without students being able to access the course. Instructors must activate the course for students to see the course. This process has to be completed for each offering, each semester.

If your students claim that they cannot see your course, check to see that your course is active. Then check to see if they are enrolled in the Classlist.

To activate a course so that students can participate in your course, follow these steps:

1.Enter the course you wish to activate. Once at the Course Homepage, click Course Admin, in the top righthand corner.

2.On the next page, click Course Offering Information.

3.In the list of options, you should see Active. Click the checkbox next to Active and click Save, at the bottom of the page, to confirm the change.

You have now made your course Active, and it will be able to be accessed by students.

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