Importing Grades Using a Spreadsheet

Exporting or Importing Grades, Using a Spreadsheet

If you prefer to import your grades to the Grades tool in Avenue to Learn, we recommend creating a template by exporting a .csv file from the Grades tool.

1. If you haven’t done so already, create the grade item(s) in Grades (if you are unsure of how to create grade items in avenue, refer to the Avenue Grades Workshop or the Grades article).

2. In Grades, select Enter Grades.

3. Click the Export button. From there you can select the criteria that you want to distinguish/recognize each student.

4. In the Choose Grades to Export section, only select the checkbox for your grade item(s) you want to import back into avenue. Then click on the button labelled Export to csv.

Once you have that downloaded CSV file to use as a working template, you can copy and paste from your source CSV/spreadsheet file to that working template. After you have completed the work in Excel or your editor of choice, then make sure to Save as CSV. The most compatible version is MS-Dos CSV.

5. Return to your course in Avenue, in Grades select Enter Grades.

6. Select Import

7. Deselect the checkbox for Create new grade item when an unrecognized item is referenced, and then continue through the process with the import.

Vendor documentation

Refer to the vendor documentation on how to export grades, as well as this helpful video:

If needed, also consult the vendor documentation on how to import grades .

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