April 2023

Discussions – Introducing the new creation and editing experience | Updated The new discussion creation experience brings create and edit consistency changes from Assignments and Quizzes to Discussions, making it familiar and easy to learn. This first release is at full parity with classic discussions and brings refreshed workflows and […]

March 2023

Calendar – Prevent duplicate calendar events on copy/import to reduce performance issues | Updated With this release, calendar events are checked to see if they are duplicates when performing a course copy or import. When either action is performed, Avenue to Learn only copies the following: Calendar events that have […]

February 2023

Intelligent Agents – Support for copying One-Time Run agents | New This feature allows users to copy, export, and import One-Time Run agents and their schedules. This allows users who utilize course shells which are copied to multiple courses to schedule One-Time Run agents to run as needed in all destination courses. Note: This functionality only […]

January 2023

Supported Browsers | Updated This release updates the list of retro or legacy browsers (specific older versions of supported browsers). If you are using a browser below the latest updates, the “Your browser is looking a little retro” warning message appears. The browsers include: Chrome 107+ (released October 2022) Android Chrome […]

November 2022

Group/Section Management – Improved clarity when performing deletions of associated activities | Updated This feature implements a change to the message users receive in the Delete Category dialog when deleting associated activities (i.e., Assignments and Discussions). The dialog now includes a count of how many assignments or discussions the user is deleting. […]

Importing Grades Using a Spreadsheet

Exporting or Importing Grades, Using a Spreadsheet If you prefer to import your grades to the Grades tool in Avenue to Learn, we recommend creating a template by exporting a .csv file from the Grades tool. 1. If you haven’t done so already, create the grade item(s) in Grades (if […]

How do I regrade a question in a quiz?

Regrading a Quiz If you have manually created quiz questions and used them in a quiz, you might find that upon review, those questions were not worded fairly, or contain errors. To fix this, you’ll have to fix the question as well as re-mark grades. 1. Go into Assessments > […]