April 2024

General Announcements

The Office 365 Widget is now available to add to your course homepage.  We will add the Office 365 Widget to the Avenue to Learn system homepage in early May 2024.

To add the widget to your course homepage, refer to the Avenue Homepages and Widgets Workshop. The Office 365 widget can be found in the ‘system’ widgets, when you are editing your homepage:


image of a list of system widgets including the office 365 widget


Arithmetic quiz question types – Additional functions are now available in Quizzes and Question Library for arithmetic quiz question types. The following functions can be used for arithmetic quiz question types:

  • ASIN
  • ACOS
  • ABS
  • Log2
  • SINH
  • COSH

SMS (Short Message Service) notifications will no longer be supported or available starting in the July 2024/20.24.7 release. This change is in response to the deprecation of this service by mobile providers. Users can receive mobile push notifications in Brightspace Pulse, and can subscribe to email notifications in place of SMS notifications. For more information, refer to Intent to EOL SMS Notifications.

Discussions – View attached file feedback for discussion evaluations | Updated

Instructors’ attached files now appear in the Attached Files section for each learner’s discussion evaluation. Learners can view attached file feedback when viewing their evaluated discussion topic.

Instructors can view all attached files by clicking on the learner’s name and selecting Discussions. Learners can view all attached files by clicking on Discussions in Class Progress. Instructors and learners can view all attached discussion evaluation files in the Class Progress tool.

Additionally, the Discussions tool’s evaluation process is now consistent with the Assignments and Quizzes tools’ evaluation processes.

Figure: Learners can view their feedback for a discussion topic in the Attached Files section of their evaluation.

Figure: Instructors can attach a file in the discussion evaluation experience for their assessment.

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