February 2024

General Announcement

SMS (Short Message Service) notifications will no longer be supported or available starting in the July 2024/20.24.7 release. This change is in response to the deprecation of this service by mobile providers. Users can receive mobile push notifications in Brightspace Pulse, and can subscribe to email notifications in place of SMS notifications. For more information, refer to Intent to EOL SMS Notifications.

With this release, a Powered by D2L Brightspace footer now appears on select pages in Brightspace. The footer appears on the following pages:

  • Org and org unit homepages
  • Portfolio
  • Discover

To learn more, refer to the Powered by D2L blog post in Brightspace Community.


Question Library – Removal of the question mark icon | Removed

The question mark (?) icon that appears next to questions in Question Library is removed to prevent visual clutter. However, the folder icon that appears in Question Library next to each section remains.

This change only impacts Question Library and the question mark icon remains in other areas of Avenue to Learn.

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