Video Note

Video Note

Video Note is a feature that allows you to record up to a 25-minute video.

Vendor documentation

Create and Insert Video Note:

Captioning for video note – note: VTT files for captioning cannot be uploaded at this time, but manual editing captions for video notes within avenue can be accessed via the admin cog at the top right hand corner of most screens within avenue to learn:

Video Note Captions via admin cog
Video Note Captions via admin cog


Avenue Specific

We have compiled a chart of how Video Note could be used by instructors in their practice:

Tool Why? Steps to Engage Video Note
Content You could use Video Note to record an introduction to the class, creating a personal touch to your course. Content > Create a Topic in a Module > New > Create a File > Insert Stuff
Assignments Give video instructions. Assignments > Instructions > Insert Stuff or Attach > Insert Stuff
Assignments Give feedback. Assignments > Grade and Leave Feedback > Feedback > Insert Stuff
Quizzes Give instructions or information about the quiz. Quizzes > Introduction > Insert Stuff
Quizzes Create a video question. Quizzes > Question Library > New Question > Question Text > Insert Stuff
Quizzes Provide video feedback on the question as a whole. Quizzes > Question Library > New Question > Feedback > Insert Stuff
Quizzes Provide video feedback on a specific answer option. Quizzes > Question Library > New Question > Feedback on Question Answers > Insert Stuff
Rubrics Provide contextual information about the rubric as a whole. Rubrics > Properties tab > Description > Insert Stuff
Rubrics Provide video feedback on levels of achievement, or a video description of the criteria level description. Rubrics > Levels and Criteria tab > Edit Criterion > Description and Feedback > Insert Stuff
Calendar Personalize the event within the Calendar. Calendar > Create Event > Insert Stuff
Checklist Provide video instructions about the checklist (eg. how it works, why you should track your own progress…) Checklist > New Checklist > Instructions
Checklist Checklist item as a video. Checklist > New Checklist > New Item
Glossary Video explanation of glossary entry. Glossary > New Term > Definition > Insert Stuff
Links Video explanation of the context or content of the link. Links > New Link > Description > Insert Stuff

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