How do I setup notifications for my courses?

How do I setup notifications for my courses? This vendor video shows the steps to setup notifications (text messages and e-mail digests) for courses. When this video talks about Brightspace, know that we call Brightspace, Avenue to Learn at McMaster. Also, check out the Brightspace Pulse App:

August 2020

August 2020 Assignments – Additional functionality in the new assignment creation experience Building on the functionality released last month in the new Assignment creation experience, you can now do the following: Attach release conditions to an assignment Align learning outcomes to an assignment from the Learning Outcomes tool   When […]

Avenue to Learn Fundamentals Workshop

Avenue Fundamentals Welcome to the Fundamentals of Avenue to Learn workshop. This is a blended workshop – meaning that before you attend the in-person session, you will have viewed the resources on this page, tried some of these tasks in a course shell and then attended our face-to-face working session […]

Avenue to Learn Support Style Guide

Avenue to Learn Support Documentation Style Guide A few caveats: this documentation was written for our own internal documentation team to write for this Avenue Help site. It presumes that you’re using a web page to document how to do something. The reason we like websites for documentation is that […]

How do I add Flipgrid to my course?

Flipgrid is a video discussion platform where students can respond to topics with videos. In Flipgrid under the Share button is the ability to embed, or capture a link either will work. If you embed, you’ll have to go to Content in Avenue then follow these steps: 1. Click Upload/Create […]

July 2020

July 2020 Assignments – Competencies in the new assignment creation experience This update includes the capability to add and remove learning objectives from the Competencies tool when used with the new create and edit assignment experience. The new experience also displays a warning if a learning objective does not have […]

June 2020

June 2020 Assignments – Create and edit experience The create and edit Assignments page has an updated look and feel. The classic tabbed view has been transformed into a new, fully immersive page layout. The primary panel on the left contains frequently used fields that are always displayed. These fields […]