March 2019

March 2019 Update

Assignments – Brightspace Assignment Grader

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Assignments – Annotate learner submissions

Note: At this time, D2L does not recommend using the built-in annotation tool for use with assistive technology.

Instructors can now use the built-in annotation toolbar in Assignments to provide contextual feedback with highlighting, free hand drawing, shapes, and associated commenting. This allows instructors to complete all their evaluation and feedback work directly in Assignments, without the need to use any external tools or applications. Annotations remain editable until the feedback is published by the instructor. If instructors want to add additional feedback after publishing, they can update the annotations and re-publish them.

Assignments – Improvements in Assignments

Learners can now submit .cs file types as assignment submissions.

Import/Export/Copy Components – Quizzes set to ‘inactive’ by default

When quizzes are copied over using the ‘Import/Export/Copy Components’ tool, the quiz now is set to ‘Inactive’ by default, in the destination course

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