December 2019

December 2019 Update

Assignments – File Size Displayed in Receipt and Submission ID Displayed for Learners

File size information now displays next to the file name in the submission receipt email sent to learners upon making a submission to an assignment submission folder.

A new column that displays Submission ID information is visible to learners on the View Feedback page in Assignments.

Brightspace Learning Environment – Supported browsers

Microsoft Internet Explorer is approaching End of Life (EOL) status as a supported browser. Starting January 1, 2020, Brightspace Learning Environment (also known as Avenue to Learn) will no longer support Internet Explorer. As of the December 2019, if users attempt to access Brightspace Learning Environment using Internet Explorer, an unsupported page appears. The unsupported page contains links to download supported browsers and a link to the End of Life (EOL) communication on the Brightspace Community.

Content – Sort order changes in Upload / Create menu

When using the Upload / Create menu to add activities to Content, the placement of the New Assignment option has moved. Previously, it appeared between New Discussion and New Quiz. Now, New Assignment appears above New Checklist.

Release Conditions – Learners are notified when a release condition triggers new content

In a course that uses release conditions to unlock additional content, learners previously were not informed when new content became available as a result of a release condition that was satisfied. Because there was no automatic notification or refresh of the table of contents, there was the potential for frustration when learners think they are done a module, and are later informed that there are steps left to be completed.

Now, when release conditions are satisfied, the learner is notified using a pop-up (“toast”) message that there are new items available in the course.

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