Peer Review

The Peer Review tool is a new, open source option for those who want to use Peer Review as a way to gather feedback on groups. While the tool can be used in other ways, the design of the tool is to facilitate this. We would like to thank the University of Huddersfield’s Learning Technologies group, and Steve Bentley a Learning Technologist there, for developing this tool and releasing it to the community.

For this tool to work well, you are advised to have groups setup prior to engaging the Peer Review tool. Here are some best practices for setting up groups, as well as how to construct Groups in Avenue to Learn.

Configuring the Peer Review tool

1. Once Groups are created, you will need to setup an area in Content that will act as a portal for students to interact with. First create a module called Peer Review.

Creating a new module in Content
Creating a new module in Content



2. Next, from the Assessments menu, select Peer Review.

Selecting Peer Review from the Assessments menu


3. Give the Peer Review activity a name, and set an End Date (the last possible day to complete the review).

Set a Name and End Date for the Peer Review activity.
Set a Name and End Date for the Peer Review activity


4. Scroll down and select the groups that are required for this activity, and begin setting your criteria with which students will engage. For instance, if you have group presentations that you want to have peer reviewed, then you might set criteria on various different presentation skills. To add additional criterion, click the button labelled Add Additional Criterion .

entering criterion
Entering criterion for assesment


You can also choose to have students self assess, and have the option to provide comments to explain their review. To engage these options click the appropriate checkbox next to the option.

5. Lastly, you can edit your instructions to students which will appear in the content item that the Peer Review tool creates. It will appear in the module you created in the first step of the configuration.

Instructions to students entry field.
Instructions to students entry field


6. When complete, click the Set up the Peer Assessment button.

Managing Peer Review

The top section tabulates the grades, shows who is and is not responding to the peer review activity, and on the extreme right hand side, a checkbox to include the student in the export to Excel.

Table of Peer Review grades and student activity


Below the Grade review box, is the feedback box, which allows you to export feedback students have provided to the Grades tool.

Selecting publish selected feedback to Gradebook


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