How do I share a badge from within Avenue to social media?

To export the badge to display on social media, you’ll need Badgr, which is a third-party. You create an account on Badgr, then export from Avenue to Badgr. The reason you have to do this is because Avenue is a secure site and people external to Avenue to Learn cannot see into the system. By linking your Avenue account with a Badgr account that’s personal to you, you can mix and match badges from Avenue to Learn, with badges from other places to show your own range of skills and experiences.

Exporting the Badge to Badgr

1. Login to Avenue

2. Click Badges

3. On the badge you want to share, click the Share option

4. Enter an e-mail, and confirm the e-mail

5. Click Share to Badgr Backpack

6. Create an account or Sign in to a previously created Badgr account — this account should be your personal account

7. (optional) select Badgr CA for the Canadian data hosting for Badgr data

8. Sign In

9. Select the service you wish to sign in with, or create an account.

10. Complete the sign in process.

11. The import will take a second to run.

12. Upon successful import you should see the badge

13. Click View in your Backpack to see all the badges that have been imported

To share to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest from within Badgr, you can simply click Share then Social. For more information about sharing from Badgr, please click this link:

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