Digital badges are a way to document skills, experiences and achievements. These microcredentials can be awarded manually or automatically within Avenue to Learn. Digital badges are portable through Badgr, and allow the user to combine badges from different sources to better articulate themselves to an audience on almost any digital platform. At McMaster digital badges are issued through Avenue to Learn, where students or other users can then export badges to their personal Badgr account, for display elsewhere.

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Open Badges:

What are open badges?

What is Badgr?

Badgr is a third-party solution for badge earners to store their badges independently of the system that issued them. This is an important step for lifelong learning recognition. The badge earner can use Badgr to then display their badge collections on social media sites.

Vendor Documentation

In D2L’s documentation, Badges are referred to as Awards, so if you are looking for D2L related information on badges, remember to also search for Awards.

Badges Tool Quick Guide:

Avenue Specifics

Currently, Instructors should consult with Jon Kruithof,, for badge creation and access to issue badges.

Effective Pedagogical Practices

Joyce Seitzinger’s TEDx talk about digital badges.

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